When your child logs in to Literacy Planet, they will be greeted with their home dashboard.

This is where your child can see anything that has been set by their class teacher. In many cases the teacher will set it so that they can’t access the free play areas until they have completed their set tasks.

My Words

Under the My Words section on the home dashboard, the children can create their own lists of words that they struggle to spell/read. These are most likely to have been created by the class teachers with a set of words to practice. The words will appear throughout various games on Literacy Planet and this will help them to build knowledge around spelling and meaning.

Quest, Stories and Arcade

Quest is a level-based activity that will allow your child to work through stages of varying difficulty. As they progress, they will earn coins that they can spend to advance or personalise their avatars.

Stories is where your child can choose from a selection of age appropriate stories that can choose to read independently or to have read to them via text speak.

Arcade is where the children can choose from a selection of different games/activities to improve their literacy skills.

What to do if you are struggling to access literacy Planet

If you are experiencing issues with gaining access to Literacy Planet from home, try using a different browser and if that still is not working the best place to go will be the appropriate teams channel (Help and Support) for your child’s given class. Teachers will also be available through email should you have issues with accessing teams.